Revolutionizing Firefighting with Autonomous Systems

Our purpose is to improve fire safety and prevent loss of life and property through the development of advanced, rapidly-acting Autonomous Robotic Fire Suppression (ARFS) technology.

We are leading the industry in the advancement of robotic nozzle technologies for a wide range of industries and applications. Unifire’s robotic nozzles are for professionals who seek unmatched performance, cutting-edge control capabilities, and Swedish design and quality built to last and last in the harshest possible conditions.

Unifire is the World Leader in Autonomous Robotic Fire Suppression Systems


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  • Wash Down Systems

    Ignite Unforgettable Moments! Prepare to mesmerize and captivate your audience like never before.


  • Waste & Recycling

    Waste & Recycling autonomous fire detection and suppression with pinpoint accuracy and auto shut off.


  • Autonomous Firefighting

    FlameRanger is the world’s most advanced autonomous robotic fire suppression system, using AI to suppress fires in seconds.



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  • Technology


    At Unifire we write our own software on our own in-house designed electronics. Why? Superior capabilities, features, performance and user experience.

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  • Technology


    Unifire’s robots are of unparalleled quality and performance and feature cutting-edge control capabilities, including fully autonomous functionality.

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  • Technology


    Our autonomous FlameRanger systems are offered with a wide variety of cutting edge 3rd party fire detection technologies. We are experts in combined detection and suppression systems for all types of risks.

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