Wash Down Systems

Experience the future of industrial cleaning with Unifire’s Force Robotic Nozzle. Unifire’s state-of-the-art nozzle, easily programmed with our innovative Ammolite graphical user interface, redefines efficiency and precision in industrial wash-down applications.

Applications Include, among others:

• Mining Equipment Cleaning

• Heavy Vehicle Washing

• Aircraft De-Icing

• Sewage Processing Plants

• Food Processing Plant Sanitation

• Maritime Maintenance

• Construction Equipment Wash-Down

• Chemical Plant Decontamination

• Agricultural Machinery Cleaning

Automated Wash-Down Patterns

Easily program any wash-down pattern to suit specific needs, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.

Our Ammolite Graphical User Interface (GUI) lets you easily set the wash-down area, vertically and horizontally, set the speed, step size, direction, spray pattern, number of repeats, and more.

Record multiple patterns for various scenarios.

Robotic Precision

The Force Robotic Nozzle delivers consistent, high-performance cleaning, ideal for heavy-duty industrial environments.

Made of heavy-duty Stainless Steel 316L, the robotic nozzle is made for the harshest environments, whether for cleaning mining vehicles, de-icing aircraft, dirty industrial process cleaning, marine and ship cleaning, food sanitation cleaning, or any other high-demand application.

Customizable Settings

User-Friendly Interface: Ammolite’s graphical interface is designed for ease of use, making programming simple and accessible.

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