The dawn of a new era.

Artificial Intelligence is here. Now. FlameRanger, the world’s most advanced robotic fire suppression system, autonomously detects and suppresses fires in seconds.

Unifire is the world’s leader in autonomous robotic fire suppression systems.

FlameRanger combines state-of-the-art fire detection technologies with our advanced robotic nozzles in order to autonomously detect and fight fires, typically in less than 15 seconds from ignition.

FlameRanger is by far the most sophisticated and flexible autonomous robotic fire suppression system on the market. Since we developed our first, fully-three-dimensional system in 2010, Unifire has been in constant development and it is our primary focus to lead the market to autonomous fire suppression.

Why? To save lives and property. Fires grow exponentially. TIME is by far the most critical factor to successful firefighting. If you can detect a fire immediately and commence suppression immediately, even a small amount of water (or foam) will typically extinguish it. But if you wait, the fire grows out of control and even multiple fire brigades may have little chance of successfully fighting the fire.

FlameRanger uses state of the art fire detection technologies from the world’s leading detector manufacturers, which not only immediately detect a fire, but accurately locate its position. Our advanced electronic hardware and software, developed in house by Unifire in Sweden, take in and process signals from the detectors and intelligently and dynamically guide our Force robotic nozzles to accurately suppress the fire at and around its source, typically in less than 15 seconds from fire ignition. In tests, FlameRanger proved faster and more effective at suppressing fire than a human operator with a joystick!

And only Unifire can work with virtually any fire detection technology and manufacturer on the market (see: Detection).

FlameRanger has been extensively tested, including by the U.S. Naval Research Center, Jensen Hughes, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (RI.SE), Johnson Controls/Tyco, Thomas Bell-Wright, and numerous others over a period of 13 years.

FlameRanger is robust and ideal for any large indoor or outdoor space, such as:

  • Recycling Facilities
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • Ro-Ro Passenger Ship Weather Decks
  • Building Exteriors – including high-rises with ACM flammable cladding
  • Forest Fires
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Warehouses & Cold Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Cement Plants
  • Stadiums
  • Airport Arrival Halls
  • Train Stations
  • Tunnels
  • Historical Building Protection
  • … and many more

Proven on the market on 5 continents, trust Unifire’s FlameRanger to save lives and your facilities from disaster.

100% Autonomous

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE when it comes to suppressing fires.

Typically in under 15 seconds from a fire igniting, FlameRanger detects it, locates its position, intelligently aims the water cannon dynamically, and commences suppression on and around the fire with a high volume of water or foam—long before the fire gets out of control. Oh, yeah, it also automatically shuts off when the fire is extinguished.

And although no humans are necessary, one can always take over control remotely at any time, regardless of whether the system has autonomously activated or not. From a safe location nearby, or from anywhere in the world. This brings you all the benefits of a remote control system with the virtually-immediate response time and intelligence of fully autonomous fire fighting.

Mature, Tested, Honed & Proven on 5 Continents

FlameRanger systems have been sold on 5 continents around the world and are protecting lives and property as you read this and around the clock, 24/7/365.

Hundreds of rigorous in-house testing and 3rd party full-scale fire tests have proven and honed Unifire’s FlameRanger technology since 2010.

Avoiding Disaster in Seconds

Failing to properly protect employees and facilities can and does result in disasters every day.

If you get to the fire immediately, you can avoid what would inevitably become a devastating event.

FlameRanger brings you peace of mind 27/7/365 by immediately suppressing fires in seconds from their ignition.

Benefits of Unifire's FlameRanger Autonomous Robotic Fire Suppression system / automatic fire monitor with fire detectors

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