FlameRanger XT Live Demonstration @Unifire Lab

Check out our latest YouTube video demonstrating Unifire’s remarkable autonomous firefighting technology for protecting building exteriors, the FlameRanger-XT!

Watch as the system detects and aims the robotic nozzle to extinguish building fires in mere seconds, thanks to its advanced capabilities. See how the robotic nozzle quickly extend and dynamically adjust its aim to suppress the moving flame. It’s a true game-changer in building fire safety!

FlameRanger XT™ has been designed by Unifire AB to protect building façades and building exteriors from fire. It addresses the problem of Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) panels, which are installed on high rise buildings around the world, but which are extremely flammable. Numerous tragic fires have resulted, perhaps the most famous of which are the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 72 people, and the Address Hotel fire in Dubai. But these fires are just two of numerous building fires resulting from the use of ACM.

FlameRanger XT has been rigorously tested and proven to suppress ACM fires on buildings. The following video shows clips of testing by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RI.SE) and Thomas Bell-Wright on behalf of Johnson Controls / Tyco, which for a time marketed FlameRanger under the brand SpraySafe™.

FlameRanger XT can save lives and stop the spread of building exterior fires. Together, let’s spread awareness about the importance of rapid fire suppression on high rise buildings!

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