FlameRanger Hits Las Vegas at NFPA Conference 2023 by FGD

FGD Fire Detection Technologies presents the Unifire FlameRanger autonomous robotic fire suppression system (automatic fire monitor) at the 2023 NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

FGD’s IR3 HD flame detectors provide extremely fast fire detection with very low risk of false alarms. Moreover, they provide the precise coordinates of a fire to the FlameRanger system, which then aims at the fire to suppress it in seconds. A single FGD detector provides 2-dimensional aiming, and Unifire also offers systems with two FGD detectors, which allows the system to triangulate the exact three-dimensional location of the fire and track it in real time with intelligent suppression.

In this video watch the Force 50 robotic nozzle (aka remote control fire monitor) track the simulated flame. In real installations the FlameRanger typically commences fire suppression in less than 15 seconds from fire ignition, suppressing it with 300 to 530 gallons of water or foam per minute.

This video is provided with permission from FGD with thanks!

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